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This is a JavaScript port of jasonlong/geo_pattern with a live preview page and is derived from the background generator originally used for GitHub Guides.



Include the minified script from your server. jQuery is optional.

<script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- optional -->
<script src="js/geopattern.min.js"></script>

Or reference it from a CDN.

<script src=""></script> <!-- optional -->
<script src=""></script>

Use either the GeoPattern browser global or the jQuery plugin:

// Use the global...
var pattern = GeoPattern.generate('GitHub');
$('#geopattern').css('background-image', pattern.toDataUrl());

// ...or the plugin

For backwards compatibility with the script on the Guides, the source hash for generation can be supplied with a data-title-sha attribute on the element. If the attribute exists, the generator will ignore the input string and use the supplied hash.

To run on Internet Explorer 9, the GeoPattern script requires polyfills for window.btoa() and Uint32Array.

View index.html on the gh-pages branch for a complete example.


npm install geopattern

After requiring geopattern, the API is identical to the browser version, minus the jQuery plugin.

var GeoPattern = require('geopattern');
var pattern = GeoPattern.generate('GitHub');
pattern.toDataUrl(); // url("data:image/svg+xml;...

PS - If you are going to use Webpack (or any other bundler) to bundle geopattern and it will be used in a browser, ignore buffer shim from the bundling to decrease its size. See #32 for more details.


GeoPattern.generate(string, options)

Returns a newly-generated, tiling SVG Pattern.


Gets the pattern’s background color as a hexadecimal string.

GeoPattern.generate('GitHub').color // => "#455e8a"

Pattern.toString() and Pattern.toSvg()

Gets the SVG string representing the pattern.


Gets the SVG as a Base64-encoded string.


Gets the pattern as a data URI, i.e. ....


Gets the pattern as a data URL suitable for use as a CSS background-image, i.e. url("...").


Licensed under the terms of the MIT License, the full text of which can be read in LICENSE.